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We're trying to make the world a little brighter, one candle at a time.

One cold day in Northwest Wisconsin...

This Little Light Candle Company started as an afternoon of replacing favorite holiday candles (Heck yes, we can just make them instead of buy them!). With each batch of melted wax, the idea of selling candles and using the proceeds for good (through donations to local non-profits, charities and foundations) started bouncing around in our heads with a little more intensity. Next thing we know, we’ve got labels ordered, we’ve formed an LLC and the UPS driver is delivering soy wax and essential oils in bulk.

We focus on using natural ingredients - soy wax, cotton wicks (or cool crackling wooden wicks), natural scents and cute, homespun containers.  Depending on when and where we get them, some are one of a kind.  Any proceeds from our efforts get donated. So, you could say “We’re all about candles for a cause.”

We’re hoping to be a bright spot for or shine a little light (nerdy, shameless puns completely intended) on some of our local non-profits, charities and foundations. We have a special soft spot for programs that benefit kids, so if you are involved in a local program, don't hesitate to give us a shout to make sure you're on our radar. If you decide to buy one of our candles, know that your dollars get put to good use.